iPhones and iPads are some of the most popular appliances in the electronics market. Known for prevalent innovation with amazing components, overall features of both these appliances is huge. The capable components of this stage help in creating iOS applications which are indisputably the hottest platform out there today. These applications convey ideal, linear execution and easy to use with millions of users in the marketplace, and more joining every month. A wide variety of iPhone apps is exclusively available for the users in iOS App Store which is owned by Apple app store India. As iPhones, iPods and iPads are changing, the way clients interact with businesses and these devices tend to be with them always. The clients may take action on an idea at a moment’s notice. The most premium communication opportunities are extensive with iOS devices and can be considered as the best way to get connected to business clients. Likewise, iOS Application Development has ended up being very favourable for organisations. In addition to that, it permits them to generate more salary with the utilization of the accessible assets and the simple outsources of the created applications. We are very proud to inform that we are one of the top mobile application development companies in India. We provide the best iOS app development services, application maintenance and mobile solutions in India.

We Provide Multitouch Technology
We will redesign existing iOS app with iOS 8 SDK
Taking good ideas from others when it makes sense
We are targeting the volume/low-cost part of the market

Custom Android Application

We are developing enterprise mobility apps for verticals such as healthcare, construction, insurance, pharmaceuticals, logistics and publications to name a few.

Stand alone and Apps with web integration.

Apps like Messenger and Camera are made by having a single team own the product experience in their standalone apps as well as the integrated experience in the core app.

GPS, Mapping Location Services.

The Global Positioning System is being used to build apps and software for different needs.iLeaf Solutions offers apps that integrate the best of GPS resources in assisting navigation and other GPS-enabled services

Productivity and Utility app

Apps that makes budgeting beautiful to ones that let you know the exact minute it's going to rain, there's something for every lifestyle.