The pressure to innovate and change faster to gain a competitive edge drives software development groupes to focus on development process and tooling. Sooner or later they all realize that the only way they can make these process work at scale is by automating as much as possible to reduce the administrative overhead, scope for manual and the natural drop off when process are manual and not enforced. However if everyone is doing it then you dont have an edge.

So, what is a process automation? It is simply allows you to let go of painful manual processes. Automate more processes faster with MOS’s Dynamic Apps Platform. Our process automation solutions go wide (for anyone who wants to build apps) and deep (for complex mission-critical processes) to accelerate your digital transformation. You’ll have more reasons to “be appy”—not only will you lesson your IT backlog, you’ll empower people across your business to make real improvements in customer onboarding, complaints management, work management and more!

What is Automation?

Automation is an essential part of a developer's toolkit. If a developer has to repeat a job more than once, then instead of coding the same thing multiole times, they make a small piece of software or a bot that does the job for them. That's automation. It's building robots that build machines, rather than getting your hands dirty building the machines yourself. Whether you're developing an app in-house or you've decided to outsource it, you want to make sure your systems and software are developed using the very best coding principles. Automation is just that - one of the best desciplines in software development. It's pretty important if you want to make great softwares.
We are experts in rapid custom development of automation softwares designed to meet your organization’s specific requirements and business needs with best quality. Thousands of satisfied customers across the globe are our strength and inspiration. The great success we have achieved so far, demonstrates our capabilities to ensure smooth transitions for both valued clients and ourselves.

When should it happen in the development process?

Automation doesnt just sit at one point in the development process:
1. Coding similiar functionality accross a few different projects at the same time? Automate it.
2. Need to spin up a few servers in Rackspace to quickly test a new feature? Automate it.
3. Stress_testing a core system ant want to really catch all those bugs? Automate it.
4. Need to change your infrastructure quickly while keeping all your servers in parity? Automate the hell out of it !

If your devs ever do something more than once, it's time for them to automate the task.

Smile — you can do all of this with our single top-rated platform:

1. Quickly configure apps in the cloud using a low-code application development.
2. Develop, execute and monitor enterprise-scale process automation and workflow management solutions.
3. Define rules for your processes to automate decisions and change those rules at any time.
4. Execute models designed with ARIS business process analysis, keeping business & IT aligned.
5. Reduce workload by using robotic process automation to automate routine tasks.